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What is vifugo? Video-Funnel-Generator-Software

The world's simplest sales funnel

Create your marketing funnel quickly, easily and inexpensively and generate tons of leads and sales. Fully automated!


What is vifugo? Video-Funnel-Generator-Software

The world's simplest sales funnel

Create your marketing funnel quickly, easily and inexpensively and generate tons of leads and sales. Fully automated!


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This is how easy it is to set up your perfect vifugo marketing funnel in less than 10 minutes and generate new leads and customers immediately.

Step 1:
Create Landingpage

Create your perfect landing page in less than 5 minutes by using the intelligent vifugo landing page-generator

  • NO technical knowledge is required
  • Optimized design (match it to your Corporate Identity)
  • 100% conversion optimized for maximum registration rates

Step 2:
Set up video room

Turn any video into THE perfect lead catcher and generate tons of new customers

  • Copy&paste the video
  • Create a simple lead-pay gate
  • 100% conversion-optimized video room for maximum viewer engagement and retention rate
vifugo email editor

Step 3:
Predefined eMail-Follow-up

vifugo gives you a clever email marketing system including perfect email templates for optimized lead generation and sales

  • All necessary email templates included
  • Customizable in just a few steps and ready to send immediately
  • Perfect for newcomers

Now, you can put the world's simplest sales funnel to work for you. vifugo makes it easy to create an efficient lead and sales funnel in under 10 minutes with no prior technical knowledge. Then, watch the statistics on how well your funnel is working.

Our vifugo vision

Our goal was to build the simplest and best-converting marketing-funnel in the world!

And ... we succeeded!

The most frequently asked question in online marketing is:
"How do I quickly and efficiently acquire new leads and turn them into paying customers?

vifugo took on this question and worked on THE perfect solution for over a year.

Our mission is to remove everything complicated. No more elaborate lead catchers, website construction kits or email marketing! It has to be simple!
To be understood by everyone and deployable within minutes.

Based on surveys, we found that a video makes the perfect centrepiece. Consumed most by users and created most easily by product manufacturers (whether it's a professional video, PowerPoint slides with a screencam, quick videos recorded with a cell phone or simply a zoom call).

If you have a video, you have the perfect foundation, and with vifugo, you can immediately build the perfect lead-pay gate around that video. This allows anyone with any video to generate leads in under 10 minutes and instantly uses digital and automated sales processes.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a professional.
The beginner will enjoy the simplicity, and the pro will appreciate the incredible numbers of our funnel.

Once you have a video, all you have to do is upload it to vifugo, build a web page in front of it with our super easy landing page editor and activate our perfect email templates. DONE! --> Lead and customer acquisition can start!

vifugo is THE revolution in Online Marketing!

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Join the free 45 minute video workshop now


You get a perfect overview of all relevant subscriber data to see how well your marketing funnel is converting.

vifugo provides you with all critical and relevant data (e.g. registrations, logins, logouts, participations, non-participations, playback time and duration, etc.) to best monitor your marketing funnel and optimize it if necessary.

With vifugo, you finally have an "easy marketing tool" at hand that helps you generate new leads and sales quickly, easily and inexpensively.

instead of $139€ - 50% OFF / Introductory price

$69 monthly (plus VAT)

  • create up to 20 video funnels
  • VIP customer support

Best price I instead of $1,699€ - over 66% OFF)

$599€ annual (plus VAT)

  • create up to 20 video funnels
  • over 30 per cent discount for annual payment
  • VIP customer support
  • early access to new features

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